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Building a Cutting Edge Digital Life Insurer via OutRank® - the Financial Simulation Engine

HAYAH Insurance recently partnered with Kidbrooke® to build engaging, self-service investment journeys with OutRank®, the financial simulation engine driving HAYAH’s new goals-based financial planning experiences. HAYAH Insurance, established in 2008 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is the UAE’s newest and most exciting insurance company, specialising in life and medical insurance and savings products. Here HAYAH Insurance talk about the exciting partnership they have embarked upon with Kidbrooke.

Personal Accident Insurance: Would My Savings Suffice?

Today’s case study examines a real-life experience of a Swedish family who struggled to receive adequate help from the local wealth management service providers.

Part I: Asset and Liability Management Using LSMC - Introduction to the Framework

In the first part of the ”Asset and Liability Management using LSMC” article series, we outline an ALM framework based on a replicating portfolio approach along with a suitable financial objective. This ALM framework, albeit simplified, is constructed to provide a straightforward replication of the complex interactions between assets and liabilities. Moreover, a brief introduction to the LSMC method used to generate all underlying risk factors is presented.

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Exploring ALM in Life Insurance: Strategy, Risks, and Innovations

In this interview, Hans Sterte, a seasoned economist, and Senior Partner at House of Reach, shares his rich insights from a career spanning over three decades in the realms of economics, asset management, and strategic investment. Tracing his journey from government institutions to leadership roles in major Swedish pension funds, Hans delves into the intricacies of Asset and Liability Management (ALM) within life insurance companies, highlighting its evolution and current challenges.

Charting the Golden Years: The Role of Financial Analytics in the Evolution of Retirement Planning

We delve into the transformative journey of pensions in the digital era. Emphasising the need for intuitive, visual, and engaging retirement planning we showcase how modern tools, like financial simulation engines, empower individuals to navigate their retirement with greater precision. We try to glimpse into the future of retirement by summarising takeaways from our customers’ digital transformation experiences. As the industry enters the new age, retirement decision-making becomes more informed, personalised and aligned with holistic financial well-being.

Beyond End-of-Service Gratuities: The Digital Dawn of Pension Planning in the UAE

The financial landscape in the UAE is witnessing a dynamic shift, predominantly influenced by an influx of an expatriate workforce and the challenges of catering to their pension needs. Traditionally rooted in familial support and state benefits, the UAE is now leaning into technology, particularly digital pension planning platforms like OutRank®, to democratize retirement savings and offer more personalized financial solutions. Supported by progressive governmental initiatives such as the 'Get Ready - Proactive Financial Planning' campaign and DIFC Employee Workplace Savings initiative, the region is making strides in filling the pension gap. As the UAE spearheads innovative pension planning solutions, it stands on the brink of setting a standard in the digital era's retirement blueprint.

Key Trends in Wealth Management Q2 - 2023

As we tread midway to 2023 and discover what it may have in store for wealth management organizations, you can expect to see this focus area remain with most wealth managers giving their channels and CX solutions a much-needed overhaul. Consumer expectations are going to keep getting increasingly digital oriented.