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Steps to heaven - How to take your customers on a journey to the land of digital trust

Fredrik Daveus, CEO at Kidbrooke®, explores how to build trust in digital wealth management for the Swiss WealthTech Landscape Report 2021 by The Wealth Mosaic.

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Charting the Golden Years: The Role of Financial Analytics in the Evolution of Retirement Planning

We delve into the transformative journey of pensions in the digital era. Emphasising the need for intuitive, visual, and engaging retirement planning we showcase how modern tools, like financial simulation engines, empower individuals to navigate their retirement with greater precision. We try to glimpse into the future of retirement by summarising takeaways from our customers’ digital transformation experiences. As the industry enters the new age, retirement decision-making becomes more informed, personalised and aligned with holistic financial well-being.

Beyond End-of-Service Gratuities: The Digital Dawn of Pension Planning in the UAE

The financial landscape in the UAE is witnessing a dynamic shift, predominantly influenced by an influx of an expatriate workforce and the challenges of catering to their pension needs. Traditionally rooted in familial support and state benefits, the UAE is now leaning into technology, particularly digital pension planning platforms like OutRank®, to democratize retirement savings and offer more personalized financial solutions. Supported by progressive governmental initiatives such as the 'Get Ready - Proactive Financial Planning' campaign and DIFC Employee Workplace Savings initiative, the region is making strides in filling the pension gap. As the UAE spearheads innovative pension planning solutions, it stands on the brink of setting a standard in the digital era's retirement blueprint.

Trends Shaping the Wealth Management Industry - First Quarter 2023

The past year has been witnessed to slow growth and the ongoing battle against inflation causing widespread layoffs, lean payrolls and difficulty in filling skilled positions. 2023 has already seen its first casualty. California lender Silicon Valley Bank collapsed after tech investors and startups set off a bank run. This became the second-largest bank failure in US history, after Washington Mutual in 2008. The threat of a global economic slowdown looms and businesses look for ways to thrive through the downturn. Certainly, the interplay of the factors put together will ultimately shape the story of economic growth for 2023. In wealth management, the implementation of generative AI tools, a rise in interest in embedded wealth and the consumer duty requirements are reshuffling wealth managers’ approaches to business.

Top Trends to Watch in WealthTech during 2023

Global consultancy firm Bain & Company released a new study predicting that customer demand for wealth management services will double over the next eight years, growing to more than $500 billion by 2030. Moreover, with total global financial wealth in 2021 reaching $250tn, 12% of UK adults are using at least one investment app as of July 2021, proving that the industry is only to get stronger. But with inflation roaring again, will the explosion in retail investing built around bull markets take a hit? Let’s delve into what trends are shaping the industry.