Personal Accident Insurance: Would My Savings Suffice?

Determining whether one’s funds would be sufficient to sustain their lifestyle is vital for everybody. At Kidbrooke, we provide the technology that enables everyone, not only the most fortunate, to plan their financial future reliably, securely and accurately, while at the same time enabling financial advisors to deploy their most valuable asset, human advisor time, in the most efficient way possible from a business and revenue perspective.

A step outside the HNWI space often leads to the place where tools offered by the market-leading financial institutions fail to provide adequate help to the customers planning their financial lives or the lives of their families.

Today’s case study examines a real-life experience of a Swedish family who struggled to receive adequate help from the local wealth management service providers.

Sometimes accidents happen to children.

Despite the best efforts of the medical personnel, injuries may lead to a reduced ability to work in the future. In addition to an exhausting battle for the child’s health and an immense emotional hardship, parents tend to face challenging financial dilemmas.

In the family we worked with, in addition to life-long social security payments, private insurance paid out a substantial lump sum when the person with special needs reached the age of 21 years.

Although the benefit was paid out, the dilemmas did not end. What is the best strategy to pursue regarding the premium? Is it a good idea to invest in the financial market or spend immediately? What would be the most appropriate pace for spending this money?

Putting OutRank in the hands of an independent financial advisor, we helped the family achieve peace of mind knowing that their funds would last if they followed the strategy suggested by our technology.

Read the full case study by downloading the PDF below.

Case Study FINAL 3Jun22

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Case Study FINAL 3Jun22

Download PDF