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Guide Your Customers Towards Their Financial Goals

Goal-based Financial Planning

OutRank powers financial decision-making based on the simulations of your clients' personal finances on a balance sheet level. This enables you to achieve a 360 degree view of your clients' financial situation, empowering a truly personalized approach to financial decision-making and goal-based planning at scale.

Financial goals

Clients who think about their future in terms of goals or milestones they want to achieve can now organise and follow-up their investments accordingly. Help clients define goals, monitor them on their behalf and notify when action is required or when goals are reached.

Holistic Experience

Our technology delivers superior financial analytics that put your clients in control of their investments, loans and pension savings; all considered together.

Generate demand pre- and post-purchase

OutRank will analyse your clients' portfolios on an ongoing basis, delivering proactive, actionable and engaging insights.

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Goal-based Financial Planning is a powerful way to make investments more engaging and trigger clients into taking action:

  • Forecasting of one or more goals in relation to amounts invested up-front and over time
  • Probabilistic decision-support to help clients decide how much they need to invest to reach one or more goals
  • Flexible risk profiling and asset allocation framework;
  • Pre- and post-purchase engagement solutions;

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