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Get Your Data Right

Investment Product Data Aggregation

Create a data goldmine by securely loading all your investment product data from a single aggregated source. Seamlessly combine traditional mutual fund and portfolio attributes with innovative and bespoke attributes such as sustainability-KPI:s and more.

Aggregate All Data Sources

By connecting to every source, OutRank helps you and your customers gain an omniscient view the investment products in your universe.

More Flexibility

Standard dimensions and metrics are great, but sometimes you need more. And you’ll get it with our built-in, custom analytics options.

Gain quick insights

Need to understand and analyze your model portfolios and customer portfolios? Our Portfolio Analysis can help you and your customers gain insights in minutes.

Investment Product Data Aggregation Image

Flexible, quick aggregation of financial product data:

  • Out-of-the-box integrations to all the commonly used data sources.
  • Aggregate, enrich and complement data from many different sources.
  • Provide all your applications and channels with a single source of truth when it comes to investment product data.

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