Powering Seamless Financial Experiences


We provide OutRank API, an easy-to-use and scalable financial simulation engine delivered as a stateless cloud-based API. It enables our customers, the financial institutions of various sizes, to meet the demand for financial guidance and advice whenever needed at a reasonable cost. Currently, OutRank supports goal-based investment guidance and advice, mortgages, pensions and holistic financial planning experiences.

Turn a Patchwork of Financial Services into a Seamless Digital Experience

Omnichannel Quality and Consistency

OutRank enables you to provide high-quality seamless financial decision support to your customers. Our APIs enable you to meet the customers in their channel of choice, increase the number of recurring touchpoints and considerably improve engagement levels.

Automation of Analytics and Reporting

Using OutRank allows you to reduce production costs for financial decision-support by up to five times. The API equips you with tools automating a significant share of the analytical and reporting tasks in advisors' work flow. This allows the human staff to concentrate on building and nurturing customer relationships.

Unlocking New Customer Segments

Reducing production costs for financial guidance allows you to tap into previously underserved market segments and increase the availability of high-quality financial decision-making tools to a larger population share. OutRank supports fully digital financial journeys for those willing to achieve max levels of scale.

Holistic Financial Planning

OutRank powers seamless financial decision-making based on the simulations of the personal balance sheets of your customers. The holistic customer journey enables your financial advisors or customers to consider all aspects of personal finances developing over a lifetime while making a financial decision.

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Pension Planning

OutRank API enables pensions providers to build the next-generation pension journeys both for accumulators and decumulators. Depending on your business model, it empowers your advisors or customers to navigate through the intricacies of retirement planning by delivering seamless financial decision-making tools. Our APIs are designed by experienced domain experts, ensuring the quality of the underlying models.

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Credit and Mortgage Analytics

Kidbrooke's OutRank provides easy-to-use, high-quality analytics guiding your customers through the complexities of taking out mortgages and other loans. Our collection of APIs helps banks, insurers, and FinTechs evaluate credit decisions independently or in a uniquely holistic context. A 360-degree view powered by OutRank encourages your customers to make more informed financial choices, backed by our research-based technology.

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Short-to-Medium Term Savings

OutRank API  powers digital investment journeys within financial institutions. Our simulation-based approach helps you build relevant, actionable and seamless investment experiences, helping wealth management businesses to reach their customers more frequently and guide them towards their investment goals at a lower cost.

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